5 Reasons Why People Love Working At Happy Mammoth 

Happy Mammoth is a 9-figure Women’s Health Brand. Our mission is to help as many women as possible solve various health issues with our custom, science-backed formulations.

Reason #1: Take part in something BIG

From a small 1-person operation in Australia, we grew to an international business that transforms the lives of millions of women and their families. We’re creating science-based custom formulations that give people massive relief from their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.

When you join our team, you’ll take part in something BIG. Something that makes you proud of your work. Something that gives you a massive purpose and meaning - because your work has a real impact on millions of people worldwide.

Reason #2: Thrive in a safe and stable company

Happy Mammoth is a very stable company. Since its inception in 2017, we’ve been constantly growing and hiring new people. Rotation in our team is almost nonexistent, thanks to the friendly vibe, the growth potential, and the support. 

That’s why you can be sure that working in Happy Mammoth is a long term relationship that gives you security, stability and peace of mind.

Reason #3: Become an industry leader

Happy Mammoth is not only a women’s health brand. We’re also an industry leader on many different levels. For example, we’re setting global standards for supplement formulation, advertising, and business management.

That’s why many companies look into us. Some even directly copy our approach. And some try to steal people who work with us — because they know we only work with the best. 

And that’s fine — we take that as a compliment. To you, the moment you put Happy Mammoth in your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, you’ll become recognized as an important expert and leader in your field. Plus, you’ll get access to big projects and opportunities to grow your skills and personal brand.

Reason #4: Visit famous places with us

Working from the comfort of your home is cool… But meeting your team members, having fun and working together a few times yearly is even better! We love to travel around the world to explore, get to know each other and be even more effective in our work.So far, we’ve been to Miami… NYC… Amsterdam in the Netherlands… Sofia in Bulgaria… and Madrid in Spain. Travel, main courses, and daily allowance are covered by us — you just bring a great mood and enjoy a new experience!

Reason #5: Say goodbye to corporate culture

If you like corporate work… Happy Mammoth is NOT for you. We’re a team of high-achievers who want to make an impact — and have fun while doing it. Everyone here treats you as a friend… You can reach out to anyone… And you can communicate with them like real people, not corporate robots.

What Our Team Really Thinks About Working Here

A few facts about Happy Mammoth

Founded in 2017

Over 1.8 million customers in 36 countries

Over 62,000 reviews

70+ employees

In 2022/2023, we grew by  approximately 300%

Our bestseller, Hormone Harmony, sells every 24 seconds on average